Everything you need to know to get started on Sorare leagues

Everything you need to know to get started on Sorare leagues

The crypto fantasy football game, Sorare, offers a range of weekly in-game leagues for users to participate in and stand the chance to win prizes in the form of ether (ETH) and NFT player cards. Each league has specific entry requirements related to the type and rarity of the player cards. Sorare managers can enter multiple leagues at a time but are limited to one team per division, with the exception of the Training League, which does not have a limit to how many teams can be entered at a time.

How to join a Sorare league

To explore the game, new Sorare managers can join the free-to-play Rookie League with free community cards. This league awards managers with Common and Rare player cards. New users can participate in the Rookie League for eight weeks, after which the option to enter this league will no longer be available. Managers can then proceed to enter in regional and global leagues. 

To join a league, select ‘Play’ at the top of the Sorare game menu and select the open game week for which you would like to enter. You will then be able to see which leagues are available along with entry requirements and potential prizes that are up for grabs. Select the league you would like to join and select ‘Enter A Team’ to start creating your team lineup. Now select your players for each position and elect a team captain. Press ‘Confirm’ to register your team for the league. 

A team lineup must consist of five player cards, including one goalkeeper, and at least one defender, midfielder, and forward. A user must own all the player cards selected at the game week deadline. Once the deadline has passed, users are allowed to sell any selected player cards since their scores will still count. 

The main league structures

Sorare has three main league structures in which managers can participate to win prizes. Two tournaments are available per week, taking place from Friday 1 PM UTC to Tuesday 1 PM UTC, and again from Tuesday 1 PM UTC to Friday 1 PM UTC. A regional league will be available to enter if more than 10 licensed clubs on Sorare from that region are playing during a particular game week. Global tournaments will be available to enter when more than one regional league is open during a particular game week. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the leagues in each structure:

1. Global Structure

  • All Star League: This flagship league does not have any entry limits and can be played with any cards.
  • Under 23 League: This tournament is only available to players under the age of 23. 
  • Casual League: This is a free-to-play rookie league where new Sorare managers can enjoy unlimited entries with Common cards and up to two Rare cards. 

2. Regional Structure

  • Champion Europe: This tournament is limited to players from Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.
  • Champion America: This tournament is limited to players from MLS, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A and Peruvian Primera División.
  • Champion Asia: This tournament is limited to players from the K-League, J-League and Chinese Super League.
  • Challenger Europe: This tournament is available to Portuguese Liga, Russian Premier League, Eredivisie, Belgium Pro League, Scottish Premiership, Turkish SüperLig, Danish Superliga and English Championship.

3. Mix Structure

  • Training League: Participants can play with any combination of cards to gain XP. Unique, Super Rare, Rare and Common cards can be entered in this league. 
  • Special Events: These weekly challenges can be played with any combination of Unique, Super Rare and Rare cards as long as the eligibility criteria for the challenge is met.

How points are calculated in Sorare leagues

Sorare player cards can score in-game points by combining the Player Score, which represents the player’s real-life performance during a match, with the Card Score, which entails a range of bonuses that are attached to each player card. 

  • Player Score: Ranging from 0-100, this score is calculated by adding the decisive score and the all-around score together. The decisive score indicates which significant events a player was involved in during a match. Positive impact will increase points while negative impact will decrease points. The all-around score considers a player’s overall impact on a game across various areas of defending, possession and passing, attacking, and general play. 
  • Card Score: Various bonuses can be applied to a player card to increase its Card Score. Rarity, XP, card season edition, and captains all influence this score. A player card gains XP when it is selected in a game week for both matches and training. A player card’s bonus increases by 0.5% every time it upgrades to the next level. Cards of different rarity categories start at different levels and receive different XP bonuses.

When creating a team lineup to enter a tournament, the selection tool will show the available player cards along with their average scores for the last five games. If the player did not play in any of the last five games, a ‘DNP’ (did not play) sign will display instead of a score. The captain will score an additional 20% bonus points in a game week. To earn money in the Global All-Star Division 4 (ASD4), Sorare managers need to finish with 205+ points to win 0.01 ETH (roughly 35$) or 250+ points to win 0.02 ETH (roughly 70$). To earn ETH in any of the other contests, users need to finish in the top three spots. 

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