Sorare tips and tricks to help you improve your game performance

Sorare tips and tricks to help you improve your game performance

The crypto fantasy football game, Sorare, has rapidly grown in popularity over the past couple of years with millions of people enjoying this online gaming platform every week. Sorare uniquely combines the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency with fantasy football. While the rules are quick to grasp, the game can get quite complicated since cryptocurrency is involved. Further, the in-game performance of the players closely relies on what is happening in real-life football leagues. 

Whether you are a gamer, a collector, or a trader, there are plenty of moves you can make to improve your Sorare performance to score higher in tournaments and make better earnings from selling and trading cards on the open marketplace. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take your Sorare gaming experience to the next level. 

Watch live games to keep up with player news

The first thing to note is that you need to keep up with real-life player news to maintain a competitive edge in the game. Whatever happens on the field will have an impact on what happens in the game, both on the marketplace and in the in-game tournaments each week. Watching live games is the easiest way to keep up to date with various factors that influence Sorare cards’ value and score. For example, injuries and suspensions are likely to cause a player’s NFT card on Sorare to drop in value. If you learn about this news as soon as it happens, you’ll be able to respond quickly by selling cards before their price value decreases too much. Watching live games will also enable you to make accurate predictions about which players to keep an eye out for in the coming season.

Stick to your plan (and budget)

Because there are so many ways to play Sorare, there are countless gaming strategies to make use of, depending on your focus in the game. While some users focus on collecting and reselling cards for a profit, others strive to build the strongest teams to score points and earn prizes in the weekly in-game tournaments. Whatever your strategy, it’s important to stick to your gaming plan and budget to avoid costly mistakes. When starting out with Sorare, define a budget for what you are willing to invest in the game and discipline yourself to keep to it. You could use your initial deposit as a guideline for how much you can budget per position. As you earn money from scoring in tournaments or making a profit from buying and selling cards on the open marketplace, you could reassess your spending capabilities in line with your gaming performance. 

Be strategic with when you sell your cards

Although it is pretty easy to purchase and resell NFT cards on the Sorare marketplace, it is quite a skill to master to know when to put a card up for sale. Whatever your reason is for selling, it is important to choose the best time to sell it in order to maximise your profit. Before selling, do research about the player card’s run of fixtures to evaluate whether you should hold on to it for a few more games. A good time to sell is often in the period before the season ends and new season’s cards are released, or in the gap just before a new game week starts. Remember to keep track of cryptocurrency prices. Since the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates along with the value of the NFT player cards, you also need to consider the price value of ether (ETH) when buying and selling cards.

Train your spare players

A simple but often overlooked tip is to consistently train your benched players to gain XP points even when they are not participating in tournaments. Since Sorare does not limit the number of teams you are allowed to enter in the training league, you can increase your players’ XP points by putting spare cards in training every game week. A player card can get a base XP of 75 in each training session, which really adds up to improve the quality of your players in preparation for future games. With the increased XP bonus, they will be able to score more points to up the value of the card to your advantage during tournaments. 

Pay close attention to players with double capabilities

Another important thing to pay attention to when watching live games and strategising trades is the position of the players. Most players are known for occupying a particular position on the pitch, although there are some players with double skill sets who dominate in more than one area. For example, players such as Liberato Cacace, Alexis Saelemakers and Richie Laryea are skilled as both a defender and a midfielder, while players such as Michael Barrios, Tajon Buchannan and Christian Casseres Jr are skilled as both a midfielder and a forward. Note whether these double capabilities affect the players’ score on Sorare. If a player shifts to a new position on the field and the transition has a positive effect on their score, it could be highly advantageous to catch this early on and make smart purchasing/selling decisions on Sorare. 

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