Sorare Fixture Planner

One of the most difficult things in Sorare So5 is creating your lineups for the season in the best possible way. Even if you have a perfect lineup for the European season, you still need to plan for summer and winter breaks when your dream team is on vacation.

To help you plan ahead and achieve the best results possible, we have created the Sorare Fixture Planner. Check it out to make sure the players in your squad have matches in the same game weeks to avoid unnecessary DNPs. Mostly, it makes sense to play the teams that have the most matches during the season.

The Sorare Fixture Planner will be updated every time new information about match days and coverage for each league becomes available.

  1. Champion Europe
  2. Challenger Europe
  3. America
  4. Asia
  5. Coverage

In the Sorare Season Planner, you can easily see that most leagues in Champion Europe (Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League, Serie A and Ligue 1) play on the same weekends or match days. The biggest difference is noted during the Christmas period. While the Bundesliga has the longest break, the Premier League plays the most matches during this period. Further to this, the Bundesliga is the smallest league out of the Top 5. With 34 match days, this league has four match days less than the other leagues in Champion Europe. Use the Sorare Fixture Planner to compare match days and coverage for every league.

Since Challenger Europe includes more leagues than any other tournament in Sorare, it is the most challenging competition if you want to build teams that include different leagues. Important to note is that the Austrian Bundesliga, the Russian Premier Liga and the Danish Superliga have very long winter breaks of around 2.5 months. The advantage is that these leagues start a bit earlier in the summer than other leagues. Out of all Challenger Leagues in the Sorare Season Planner, the Belgian Jupiler Pro League has the most fixtures (40) followed by the Turkish Super Liga (38). The Russian Premier League has the least fixtures (30).

The leagues currently competing in America for Sorare are MLS (USA/Canada), Liga Profesional (Argentina), Serie A (Brazil), Liga MX (Mexico) and Liga 1 (Peru). Building mixed teams out of different leagues is not that easy since these leagues have different starting times. While the Mexican League starts in early January, the Brazil League only starts in April and MLS

in late February. Make sure you have your teams ready before the leagues start! These leagues will play on while the European leagues take a summer break.

The K1 League (South Korea) and the J1 League (Japan) both start at the end of February. Both leagues have plenty of matchdays (38) and are therefore good choices for building cheap All Star Teams as well.

Below you can find a list of all clubs and leagues currently covered by Sorare including links to their respective page

Sorare Fixture Planner

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