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Cheapest Listed Players

See the cheapest of your favorite players on the market in every Scarcity in one glance.

Player News

Get Player News straight from Google or Transfermarkt in just one click.

Lineup Projections

See any lineup for every team you have players in simply & easily.

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Sorare FAQ's

We’ve compiled a list of FAQs about Sorare here. Check out our blog section as well for more comprehensive updates, relevant news & guides!

Sorare is a digital football trading platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users on can buy, sell and trade blockchain cards that represent professional football players in each season. By trading cards in the open marketplace and participating in tournaments, users can earn cryptocurrency and win more player cards. The in-game performances of the player cards are based on the real-life activity of the players they represent, which creates a unique opportunity for football fans to engage with the sport in a like-minded community of football fans.

Sorare was founded in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. The platform has experienced impressive growth over the past few years and currently has more than 600,000 registered users along with licensed players from over 180 official clubs. Among this growing selection of clubs are Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus, the French and German Football Federation and more.

To start participating in fantasy football, you need to sign up on and create a profile with an avatar, a team name and optionally a logo. During the introduction phase, a number of tasks need to be completed as a tutorial exercise, for which rewards are up for grabs. Once you have established your own club, you will receive your first pack of digital player cards, which can be used to enter tournaments such as the Rookie League.

To put your own team together, you will need at least one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder and one striker. Additionally, you can add another defender, midfielder or striker to complete the deck of five players. While these beginner cards can be used to participate in gaming activities, they are not based on cryptocurrency and can therefore not be traded in the open marketplace. To expand your digital card collection, you can advance to purchasing player cards. This is where the game gets interesting. Sorare cards are non-fungible tokens (NFT) with limited availability released per season.

Considering the high number of users on the Sorare platform, it can become a challenge for participants to get their hands on their favourite player cards. The cards are categorised into four different levels of scarcity: Limited (1,000 released per season), Rare (100 released per season), Super Rare (10 released per season) and Unique (only one released per season). Previously, Sorare operated only with Rare, Super Rare and Unique cards.

The recent addition of Limited cards has increased the number of available cards to play with while making the game more affordable. The rarer a card is, the higher the demand and the higher the value. Although it is possible to play Sorare without spending any money, gaming activities may be limited and chances of performing well in tournaments are low. Collecting rare cards that increase in value can pay off in profit later on while top-performing players will lead to better results and increased earnings in tournaments.

Sorare uses ether (ETH) as a currency. By using a global cryptocurrency, the platform is accessible to users from across the world regardless of the currency of their home country. There are two ways for players to connect ETH to their Sorare profiles: Use your local currency.

To top up your Sorare budget, you can deposit funds in your local currency by using a credit card or bank transfer. Use a crypto wallet. Crypto wallets are popular among Sorare users as a means to buy new player cards on the platform. Various options for crypto wallets are available on both mobile and desktop. The NFT technology of the player cards ensures that a high level of security is maintained for Sorare users. Cards cannot be duplicated, deleted or stolen.

An additional safety measure implemented on the platform is two-factor authentication to help prevent account hacking. In the case of account hacking or compromising, the account will automatically be blocked to ensure it can only be reactivated by the rightful owner.

With the use of a Sorare app, crypto fantasy football users can manage and track their performances easily. SorareSharp is a Sorare app that is equipped with a wide range of valuable features such as auction alarms, player news updates and projected lineups to help users achieve better trading results, create better lineups and manage profits efficiently.

Making use of these Sorare app features will give fantasy football managers on the platform a competitive edge to improve their chances of winning weekly prizes and earning ETH.

Various tournaments are available to participate on the Sorare platform. Different leagues may have certain requirements related to a user’s age, location and player cards. Players must participate in a Gameweek tournament to gain XP. A player sitting on the bench will not get any points. The following leagues are currently available:

  • Rookie League: This league can be played by new users for eight game weeks with regular cards and a maximum of two rare cards.
  • Global All-Star: This flagship league does not have any entry limits and can be played with any cards.
  • Global All-Star: This flagship league does not have any entry limits and can be played with any cards.
  • Global Under 23: This tournament is only available to players under the age of 23.
  • Champion Europe: This tournament is limited to players from Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League and Serie A.
  • Challenger Europe: This tournament is available to all European teams that do not qualify for the Champion Europe tournament.
  • Champion Asia: This tournament is limited to players from the K-League and J-League.
  • Global Unique: This tournament is limited to Unique cards only.
  • Special Weekly: Sorare occasionally runs special promotions where one-of-a-kind cards can be won. Entry requirements vary for each tournament.
  • Special Training: This option is open to all unused players to gain XP.

There are two ways to earn cryptocurrency on Sorare: Sell player cards at a profit on the open marketplace. To sell a card, click on the “Sell my card” button and set your desired price. Although you can set any price, it is important to be realistic in order to attract buyers. Once a card is priced and placed on the marketplace, it stays there for 48 hours, after which you have the option to adjust the price.

Win prizes in tournaments. To earn money in the Global All-Star Division 4 (ASD4), you need to finish with 205+ points to win 0.01 ETH (roughly 35$) or 250+ points to win 0.02 ETH (roughly 70$). To earn ETH in any of the other contests, you need to finish in the top three spots.

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