Bundesliga on Sorare!

Bundesliga on Sorare!

Sorare is one of the most valuable start-ups of our time and has already made some headlines.
Now the time has come. The digital soccer cards of all clubs of the Bundesliga are here! From
now on, Sorare managers can outbid each other for those rare NFTs. After Sorare announced
the cooperation with the DFL at the beginning of the month, now one of the biggest leagues in
the world joins in. And with it a league that a lot of active Sorare managers in Germany have
been waiting for. But also for new managers this is the perfect time to really get started on
Sorare. With the Bundesliga NFTs, the cards of the players we all cheer for week after week in
the stadiums and on the screens come into play.
With the arrival of the Bundesliga clubs, there will be over 200 clubs on Sorare. This is a real
milestone on the way to the goal of having all the major leagues of the world. In addition to the
Bundesliga, many clubs from the major leagues in Europe are already included. From the
Spanish LaLiga even all clubs are already signed!
We can look forward to the very big names of the Bundesliga. Finally there will be cards from
Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt, Borussia Mönchengladbach, 1. FC
Köln and many other big clubs.
What is Sorare?
Sorare is a fantasy soccer trading card game where you can play with officially licensed soccer
cards. A Sorare card is a digital collectible in the form of an NFT. These NFTs are verifiably
limited via the blockchain (Ethereum) and uniquely assigned to an owner. In an open world of
different apps and games, these cards are freely exchangeable and usable.
Build your Sorare Bundesliga dream team and win real prizes in the leagues!
On Sorare you are the manager! Attractive prizes are waiting for you in the different leagues.
There are more rare player cards and cash prizes of the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) to win.
Get your stars and compete against thousands of other managers.

Sorare Bundesliga cards are real rarities!
As the name of the platform suggests, Sorare is all about the rarity of player cards. A maximum
of 1,111 cards of each player come into circulation per season. The rarest cards (unique) are
only available once!
Due to the limited supply and the open transfer market, great transfer profits can be realized by
a skillful hand. Unique cards of big stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe have already
changed hands for over €200,000. But also talents like Karim Adeyemi can achieve high prices.
A few days ago, Adeyemi’s Unique card was sold for almost €100,000.
With the right eye for upcoming superstars, anyone can prove their skills on Sorare and win. Managers are looking very closely at the price development of the best young player in the
world: Erling Haaland. The Borussia Dortmund super striker may break all price records, leaving
even players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi behind.

Sorare Bundesliga NFT as a financial investment?
But even for managers without millions on the high side, Sorare is more than worth a look. Due
to the different rarity levels, everyone can play in the appropriate scale. Twice a week the cards
can be set up for tournaments. Thereby the real performances of the players in the real games
decide the rating. It’s a whole new feeling to play live with your favorite players.
Due to the rarity of the cards and the increasing demand by new users, additional profits can be
made not only by participating in tournaments, but especially by skillful trading.

2nd Bundesliga, 3rd Bundesliga, Women’s Bundesliga
Initially, only cards from the 1st Bundesliga will come into play. But the partnership between
Sorare and the DFL also includes the 2nd and 3rd leagues and the women’s league. So in the
future, many traditional clubs from the 2nd Bundesliga and the 3rd Liga can be added.

Who can play Sorare?
Everyone can. Everyone should. And many professional soccer players have been involved for
a long time. Among others, Antoine Griezman, Gerard Piqué and Timo Werner can meet you
not only as a card, but also as an opponent or trading partner on Sorare.

The Community
The community is still small, with more than 2,000 members, when we consider how many
people play Communio or Football Manager. In the official community channel beginners ask
questions and the active players, with trading card galleries worth up to 500.000€, help every
newcomer. Cards are also exchanged among each other and “community teams” are created, in which several users then compete together and share the winnings.