What is Crypto Fantasy Football?

What is Crypto Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a popular online game that allows participants to create and manage their dream football teams based on real players. So, what is crypto fantasy football? As a more recent development of this game, crypto fantasy football is based on blockchain technology. Football fans from all across the world come together on crypto fantasy football gaming platforms to trade digital collectable player cards, score points and earn prizes weekly.

Are you interested in joining the digital fantasy football community? This article will answer all your questions about how crypto fantasy football works.

How does Crypto Fantasy Football work?

Fantasy football has been around since long before the internet. Crypto fantasy football took the game a few steps further by providing a unique opportunity for players to create a digital collection of rare cards and even earn cryptocurrency. Combining football and blockchain, crypto fantasy football has quickly grown in popularity in the digital world and is expected to continue expanding in the future.

The aim of the game is to collect digital player cards, which can be traded in the open marketplace or used in gaming activities such as weekly tournaments. A scoring system is used to award points during fantasy football tournaments. Goals, assists, clean-sheets, shots on target and tackles for defenders all come into play, as well as additional factors such as the experience and rarity of the card.

Each digital card represents a real-life football player within a specific football season. A limited number of cards are released each season, categorised into four different levels of scarcity: Limited (1,000 released per season), Rare (100 released per season), Super Rare (10 released per season) and Unique (only one released per season). The scarcity of the cards contributes to their value.

How can I start playing Crypto Fantasy Football?

The crypto fantasy football platform, Sorare, has 180 officially licensed clubs with more added every week. Sorare uses official blockchain cards and is supported by major gaming brands. To start playing crypto fantasy football, you need to create an account on a gaming app such as SorareSharp. New players are given limited funds to start collecting cards. These cards are not based on blockchain and cannot be traded. They can, however, be used to play. Tournaments are free to enter and there is no limit to how many times a player can enter.

The marketplace is used to buy and sell cards. This is pretty straightforward: the rarer the card, the higher the demand and the steeper the price. The limited-edition rare cards are highly desirable to serious crypto fantasy football players, which can chase the value up to as much as six-figure price tags. Players who are just starting usually opt for lower-priced cards that suit their budget at the time.

Where does cryptocurrency come in?

The cards used in crypto fantasy football are based on cryptocurrency. Sorare uses the ETH blockchain network and manages supply with a limited number of cards that cannot be duplicated or deleted. Individual cards and packs of cards can be purchased on the market with either ETH or cash. Any winnings from the tournaments are awarded to players in cryptocurrency.

How can I make money from Crypto Fantasy Football?

While some people play crypto fantasy football just for fun, others use it to invest funds and make a profit. One strategy is to purchase cards of players who are not necessarily active at the moment but will have more play-time in the future. Another quicker way to earn currency and cards is to invest in good player cards and use them to participate in games. Cards that perform well will not lose value over time and can be traded in the future.

To earn ETH from tournaments on Sorare, you need to finish with 205+ points to earn 0.01 ETH (roughly 35$) or 250+ points to earn 0.02 ETH (roughly 70$). This scoring system applies to certain leagues while others award prizes to the top three spots. The time it takes to earn back the amount you invested will depend on your success rate during the weekly tournaments. Since results in the game are based on what happens in real life, your chances of scoring points and earning prizes will be improved by keeping up to date with events in the football world.

SorareSharp is a leading mobile app for crypto fantasy football managers on Sorare. With auction alarms, player news and projected lineups, SorareSharp helps players achieve better trading results while saving time and easily tracking profits. The app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.