How does Sorare crypto trading work?

How does Sorare crypto trading work?

Crypto fantasy football is a fast-growing online game where participants from all across the world come together to trade digital collectable player cards, score points and earn weekly prizes. Developed in 2018, Sorare is an online fantasy football platform that uses blockchain technology based on Ethereum.

What is crypto fantasy football?

Crypto fantasy football is a digital development of the fantasy football game, which has been around for a long time. This online game combines football and blockchain, creating a unique space for sports enthusiasts and cryptocurrency traders to trade rare cards and earn ether (ETH). In-game activity is based on real-life performances, which facilitates an engaging online platform where fans can interact with what is happening in the football world.

Crypto fantasy football revolves around collectable digital player cards that can be traded or used to compete in tournaments. Each card represents a real player and a limited number of cards are released each season. Participants can buy cards representing their favourite players and football teams around the world, and use the cards to trade in the open marketplace or create line-ups and score points in the free-to-enter weekly tournaments.

The player cards are categorised into four different levels of scarcity with the value increasing with rarity. The rarest cards are therefore the highest in demand and consequently have the highest value attached to them. The player cards used in the game are based on cryptocurrency. This means the cards cannot be duplicated or deleted since their supply is managed by a blockchain network. Participants can purchase individual player cards and packs of cards with cryptocurrency or cash, while prizes won during tournaments are paid out in cryptocurrency.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a crypto fantasy football platform that was developed by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018. Since its launch, Sorare has seen impressive growth with over $150 million worth of digital cards traded since January 2021 alone. Between the second quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2021, the number of monthly active paying Sorare users increased by 34 times while quarterly sales grew by 51 times. With more than 600,000 registered users and licensed players from 180+ soccer organisations including Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus and the French and German Football Federation, Sorare has firmly established itself in the fantasy football space.

Sorare’s blockchain cards are based on Ethereum and can be traded as collectables in the open marketplace or used to play in online fantasy football tournaments, where weekly prizes are up for grabs. The tournaments are free to enter and can be played an unlimited number of times. Sorare uses an advanced scoring system based on data provided by Opta to award points to players during tournaments.

How do I sign up for Sorare?

To start playing crypto fantasy football on Sorare, users need to create an account on and download a mobile gaming app like SorareSharp to help manage and track performances. Users may only create one Sorare account. Sorare is a global platform that can be accessed by participants from all across the world. When signing up for Sorare, new users are gifted with limited funds to start building a card collection. Since these starter cards are not based on cryptocurrency, they cannot be traded, but they can be used to enter tournaments.

An app such as SorareSharp is a highly valuable platform for crypto fantasy football managers. The app helps users achieve better trading results, create better lineups and manage profits efficiently. Features like auction alarms, player news updates and projected lineups give managers a competitive edge to improve their chances of winning prizes and earning cryptocurrency.

Can I make money on Sorare?

Yes, the potential to earn ETH on Sorare is a major attraction for crypto fantasy football participants. Purchasing and selling rare cards for a profit on the marketplace is one method to earn currency while there are two additional ways to earn ETH during tournaments. The first method is to finish with 205+ points to earn 0.01 ETH (roughly 35$) or 250+ points to earn 0.02 ETH (roughly 70$) in the Global All-Star Division 4 (ASD4) tournament. The second option is to finish in the top three spots in any of the other contests. To participate in tournaments, users must have at least five collectable cards, including a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a forward. Each card can only be used in one team lineup at a time. The in-game players’ performances are based on the actual performances of their real-life counterparts. The best teams in each tournament can win more collectable cards or ETH. Prizes are automatically transferred to winners’ accounts.

SorareSharp is a leading mobile app for crypto fantasy football managers on Sorare. With auction alarms, player news and projected lineups, SorareSharp helps players achieve better trading results while saving time and easily tracking profits. The app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.